Galore Challenge Prompts


The main Galore Challenge is HERE @ LJ.



Ends: October 31st @ 11:59 PM EST.


July 27, 2012
+ Added new prompts to: Teen Wolf/BTVS, Captain America/Thor, Spider-Man/X-men, Heroes/Spider-Man, Smallville/Spider-Man, Supernatural/Spider-Man, Thor/Spider-Man, Vampire Diaries/Harry Potter, Fantastic Four/Harry Potter, Avengers/Thor.
+ Added new crossovers: Harry Potter/Teen Wolf, Glee/Teen Wolf, Fantastic Four/Spider-Man, Fantastic Four/Thor, Iron Man/Avengers.
July 22, 2012
+ Added new prompts to: Smallville/Supernatural, BTVS/Smallville, Smallville/One Tree Hill,  Merlin (BBC)/Smallville, Smallville/X-Men, Robin Hood (BBC)/Smallville, Roswell/Smallville, Smallville/Twilight, Spider-Man/X-Men, Spider-Man/Smallville.
+ Added new crossovers: Spider-Man/Thor, Captain America/Thor, Avengers/Thor, Avengers/Smallville, Captain America/Smallville.
June 20, 2012
+ Added new prompts and added lots of new crossovers.
February 1, 2012
+ Added new prompts in pretty much each section and added lots of new crossovers.


The crossovers between fandoms are listed first and then a list of pairings or characters below them with different prompts beside them.


Harry Potter/Smallville:

  • Hermione/Clark - pillow, red, bird

Pillow, Red, and Bird are THREE different prompts, however, you may combine the prompts if you so choose in your fanfic. There is no limit on how many of the prompts you use. 

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