Galore Challenge Prompts

Avengers (any!verse) Crossover Prompts

Also see Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, and X-men for more prompts related to the characters featured in the Avengers.

Thor (any!verse):

  • Darcy/Black Widow - taser, kiss, friends, family, poker, train, intern, fight, balance, red,
  • Darcy/Hawkeye - bows & arrows, hot, coffee, ipod, snark, family, intern, secrets, truth, protect, fight, bar, steamy, friends, nest, spy,
  • Darcy/Captain America - history, fan, friends, family, kiss, bed, drunk, snark, protect, trust, hope, pain, school, art, ipod, movie, touch, dance,
  • Darcy/Hulk - science, kiss, bed, green, other guy, friends, family, coffee, ipod, snark, smile, anger, drunk, protect, afraid, taser,
  • Darcy/Nick Fury - headache, ipod, agent, intern, secretary, kiss, bed, protect, taser, S.H.E.I.L.D.,
  • Darcy/Maria Hill - friends, debate, silence, threats, pain, anger, drunk, protect, taser, ipod, S.H.E.I.L.D.,
  • Darcy/Iron Man - toys, pet, friends, family, kiss, hug, thanks, taser, drunk, pain, grief, science, intern, trust, J.A.R.V.I.S., help, ipod,
  • Chloe/Hawkeye - arrows, dirty, spy, kiss, bed, heal, secrets, whisper, nest, protect, interview, drunk, pain, date, friends, family, love,
  • Chloe/Captain America - interview, strength, protect, kiss, bed, truth, secrets, powers, history, hope, love, trust, crush, movie, soldier,
  • Chloe/Hulk - science, green, other guy, protect, kiss, afraid, friends, family, power, heal, secrets, trust, anger, interview, danger,
  • Chloe/Thor - strength, gods, Asgard, thunder, kiss, bed, lost, battle, protect, fight, love, anger, pain, grief, dreams, immortal, friends, family, joke,
  • Chloe/Loki - jealous, sorcery, mischief, secrets, pain, grief, bed, kiss, lost, battle, fight, anger, Frost Giants, friends, family, darkness, dreams, trickster,
  • Chloe/Iron Man - crush, interview, kiss, bed, pillow, protect, thanks, night, family, friends, damsel, computers, research,
  • Clark/Pepper - kiss, bed, love, protect, thanks, family, friends, damsel, date, cake, interview,
  • Clark/Black Widow - crush, Russian, blood, kiss, bed, friends, family, team, hope, dark, secrets, past, fight, spy,
  • Chloe - childhood, dance, dirty, crush, movie, family, friends, heal, kiss, date, bed, heal, truth, secrets, reporter, protect, fight, interview,
  • Clark - protect, family, friends, thanks, power, kiss, bed, weird, aliens, time,
  • Lana - vanilla, sweet, frown, let go, childhood, power, darkness, mirror, globe, sound, pink, hate, distrust, hate, disgust,
  • Lex - suspect, distrust, smirk, hate, family, death
  • Oliver - bows&arrows, green, leather, famous, bed, kiss, secrets, island, protect, trust, fight, normal, smirk, hope, grief, pain, jealous, family, friends,
  • Mia - sidekick, hope, grief, pain, friends, kiss, family, second chance, protect, fight, smile, yellow dress, bed,
  • AC - swim, hope, protect, laugh, joke, fish, strength, family, friends, trust, secrets, hope, fight, smile, love, kiss, bed,
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