Galore Challenge Prompts

Constantine Crossover Prompts

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel:

  • Buffy/John - distrust, vampire, kiss, bed, heaven, hell, drink, friends, famiy, love, death, protect, pillow
  • Cordelia/John - distrust, mistake, vampire, demon, kiss,
  • Buffy - school, kiss, bed, magic, witches, ghost, wish, love, family, friends, touch,
  • Dru - visions, kiss, bed, blood, death, destruction, smirk, insane, pet
  • Darla - death, destruction, birth, blood, pet, family, smirk, magic, vampire,
  • Willow - magic, blood, distrust, thanks, smile, red dress,
  • Connor - powers, move, strength, blood, kiss, bed, family, friends, protect, childhood,
  • Xander - family, friends, power, heal, distrust, protect, smile, joke, crush,
  • Cordelia - friends, family, power, visions, kiss, bed, love, trust,


  • Piper/John - kiss, bed, love, protect, family, friends, shop, research, normal, power
  • Source - evil, demons, hate, revenge, deal, rule, chaos,
  • Prue - astral projection, family, death, angel, spirit, telekinesis, black dress, friends, kiss
  • Piper - mother, family, angel of death, bake, freeze, blow up, kiss, goddess
  • Paige - telekinetic orbing, whitelighter, witch, magic, school, protect, family, friends, kiss

Harry Potter:

  • John/Hermione - reputation, help, kiss, bed, drink, smoke, love, protect, family, friends,
  • John/Dumbledore - advice, family
  • Angela/Harry - kiss, bed, love, family, friends, magic, witch, dreams, truth, protect,
  • Midnight/Snape - heaven, release
  • Isabel - magic, witch, truth, family, friends, love,


  • John/Chloe - kiss, bed, smoke, reputation, protect, research, interview, weird, death, power, love, family, friends, date,
  • Angela/Clark - hero, kiss, bed, friends, interview, protect, family, strength, dreams, truth


  • Angela/Sam - kiss, protect, pillow, hope, family, friends, crush, love, truth, powers, date, bed,
  • Angela/Dean - protect, family, truth, date, drink, hope, distrust, thanks, friends, kiss, bed,
  • Angela/John - family, kiss, bed, friends, distrust, family, truth, hope, drink, comfort, information,
  • Constantine/Dean - kiss, demons, hunt, distrust, family, friends, smirk, hell,
  • Constantine/Sam - hell, family, friends, kiss, demons, hunts, smile, distrust, hate,
  • Constantine/John - hate, distrust, friends, drink, smoke, demons, hunt, belief, info,
  • Kramer/Sam - apprentice, research, friends, drink, thanks,
  • Isabel/Sam - protect, dreams, kiss, demons, family, friends, crush, hope, psychic, love


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