Galore Challenge Prompts

Criminal Minds Crossover Prompts

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel:

  • Buffy/Reid - kiss, bed, research, books, suspect, hope, addiction, grief, friends, family, crush, normal,
  • Buffy/Hotchner - date, smile, laugh, kiss, bed, college, friends, crush, normal, hope, suspect, truth, family
  • Buffy - school, kiss, bed, magic, witches, ghost, wish, love, family, friends, touch,
  • Dru - visions, kiss, bed, blood, death, destruction, smirk, insane, pet
  • Darla - death, destruction, birth, blood, pet, family, smirk, magic, vampire,
  • Willow - magic, blood, distrust, thanks, smile, red dress,
  • Connor - powers, move, strength, blood, kiss, bed, family, friends, protect, childhood,
  • Xander - family, friends, power, heal, distrust, protect, smile, joke, crush,
  • Cordelia - friends, family, power, visions, kiss, bed, love, trust,

Harry Potter:

  • Reid/Hermione - kiss, bed, love, interview, hope, magic, truth, secrets, laugh, smile, crush, research, family,


  • Reid/Abby - family, date, awkward, protect, research, kiss, bed, laugh, smile, friends,
  • Reid/Kate - date, protect, bed, hope, death, family, friends, kiss,
  • Reid/Ziva - kiss, date, deadly, thanks, bed, pillow, protect, crush,
  • Gibbs - father, daughter, family, hate, distrust, interview, kiss, coffee
  • Ducky - England, teacher, death, kiss, bed, love, family, friends, nightmares, distrust, laugh
  • Tony - friends, family, Navy, interview, grief, pain, hope, movies, quote, smirk, laugh, sleep, kiss, bed, date, belief, trust,
  • Abby - Caf-Pow, technology, goth, kiss, bed, love, date, dance, tattoo, friends, family, pain, grief, belief, hope, protect, smile,

One Tree Hill:

  • Reid/Brooke - family, grief, friends, suspect, kiss, date, crush, hope, bed, laugh, smile,

Point Pleasant:

  • Reid/Christina - dark, kiss, bed, drink, questions, answers, hope, love, distrust,


  • Reid/Chloe - research, interview, suspect, kiss, bed, love, hope, power, laugh, smile, friends, family,
  • Lex - suspect, danger, disgust, hate, distrust, smirk, family,
  • Lana - vanilla, sweet, childhood, mirror, globe, pink, smile, hate, distrust, friends, family,


  • Reid/Ellen - thanks, care, family, love, friends, questions, crush, kiss, date,
  • Reid/Sam - research, books, family, hurt, love, thanks, friends, questions,
  • Reid/Ruby - thanks, protect, crush, kiss, bed, pillow, family, friends,
  • Emily/Sam - thanks, books, research, nerd, crush, love, friends, date, kiss, bed, family, trust,
  • Gideon - ghosts, demons, thanks, research, family, friends, hunt, hope, distrust,
  • Hotchner - family, demons, thanks, questions
  • Morgan - fight, run, demons, ghosts, questions, distrust,
  • Garcia - research, internet, family, love, thanks, crush,
  • Emily - research, crush, love, thanks, distrust, kiss, bed, family, friends,
  • JJ - crush, love, thanks, care, family, question, friends,
  • Dean - question, hate, love, distrust,
  • Ellen - question, beer, love, thanks, care, hope,
  • Jo - family, hate, distrust, beer, question, thanks, kiss, bed, suspect, questions, hope,


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