Galore Challenge Prompts

Demons Crossover Prompts


  • Mina & Una - long lifelines
  • Griff & Galvin - eyes of the night

Harry Potter:

  • Luke/Hermione - demons, half-lives, family, kiss, date, crush, magic, protect, bed, date, surprise, research, friends,


  • Luke/Claire - friends, powers, half-lives, family, date, crush, kiss, heal, cake, bed, music, fight, protect,
  • Luke/Niki - power, strength, half-lives, hero, family, date, friends, kiss, bed, music, fight,
  • Mina/Peter - half-lives, hero, vampires, cake, kiss, bed, bite, forever, blind, fate, friends, family,
  • Mina/Adam - hello again, half-lives, vampires, kiss, bed, immortals, heal, kiss, blind, hero, villain, music, grave, friends, allies, family,
  • Ruby/Peter - fun, hero, protect, kiss, bed, date, music, friends, family, research, cake, half-lives, dance,
  • Ruby/Adam - dance, music, immortal, heal, kiss, bed, love, family, date, friends, allies, research, cake,


  • Luke/Chloe - half-lives, family, friends, date, crush, kiss, bed, heal, dance, love, weird, research,
  • Mina/Oliver - family, friends, vampire, hero, leather, blind, music, date, kiss, bed, love, bite,
  • Mina/Clark - vampire, aliens, hero, date, kiss, music, protect, blind, weird, fate, thanks, family, friends, bed,
  • Ruby/Clark - half-lives, normal, aliens, hero, protect, date, crush, kiss, family, friends, bed, weird,


  • Luke/Ruby - crush, demon, half-lives, hope, kiss, bed, crush, weird, love, protect, french fries, friends, allies,
  • Mina/Sam - supernatural, half-lives, research, Dracula, bite, kiss, vampire, bed, protect, family, friends, blind, fate, vision,
  • Mina/Dean - date, kiss, vampire, joke, bed, friends, bite, blind, protect,
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