Galore Challenge Prompts

Eureka Crossover Prompts


  • Douglas/Micah - ghost in the machine

Stargate (any!verse):

  • Nathan/McKay - mousetrap, friends, family, advice, genius,
  • Nathan/Radek - friends, family, scientists, mousetrap, advice, genius,
  • Sheppard - air force, Captain Kirk, friends, family, stubborn, Atlantis, hope, wish, crush, kiss, bed, ancient, gate, fight, ferris wheels, expeditions, protect, dance, run, alien, smirk, football, pain, grief,
  • Weir - Atlantis, hope, plans, wish, protect, family, friends, kiss, bed, gate, translations, pain, grief, expeditions, stubborn, concern, aliens, politics,
  • McKay - brilliance, aliens, hope, crush, kiss, bed, translations, technology, stubborn, worry, food, pain, cake, secrets, ancient, grief, expeditions, friends, family,
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