Galore Challenge Prompts

Fantastic Four (any!verse) Crossover Prompts


  • Human Torch/Quinn - fire, pain, kiss, date, one night, New York, protect, bed, love, distrust, grief, friends, family, powers, fantasy, crush,
  • Quinn - family, friends, kiss, bed, love, distrust, grief, mother, hope, ghost, protect, crush, student, fantasy, craving, cheerleader, powers,
  • Sue - ghosts, evil, grief, cheerleader, coach, trip, hope, grin, laugh, bed, love, hate, distrust,
  • Kurt - dance, music, pain, date, protect, kiss, bed, love, grief, family, friends, hope,
  • Rachel - secrets, star, bright, love, kiss, bed, believe, youtube, family, friends, date, sparkle, future, grin, music,

Harry Potter:

  • Human Torch/Hermione - hate, love, thanks, flight, pillow, protect, smirk, bed, family, heat, friends, cake, kiss, trust, hope, magic, surprise, secrets, power, smirk, pain, grief, war, smile,
  • Invisible Woman/Harry - invisible, love, thanks, savior, crush, protect, smile, bed, family,
  • Invisible Woman/Ron - crush, smile, savior, fan, cake,
  • Mr. Fantastic/Hermione - research, help, thanks, family, bed, love, crush,
  • The Thing/Hermione - gentle, smile, crush, savior, thanks, pillow, bed, family, kiss,
  • Dr. Doom/Hermione - distrust, hate, family, smirk, magic, bed, drunk, elemental, research, kidnap, danger, kiss,
  • Hermione - books, magic, witch, hope, grief, pain, family, friends, research, kiss, bed, date, investigate, dreams, 
  • Harry - love, crush, thanks, family, magic, friends, interview, prophecy, newspaper, fight, bed, kiss, grief, crush, night, protect,
  • Draco - magic, life, kiss, bed, interview, crush, trust, death, hope, grief, pain, family, friends, mirror, fight, protect,
  • Luna - weird, newspaper, family, friends, crush, hope, magic, protect, fight, interview, bed, kiss,
  • Ron - jealous, hate, distrust, crush, friends, family,
  • Lily - family, friends, death, grief, hope, pain, love, hate, distrust, powers, magic, date, kiss, secrets, bed, research, books,
  • James - broom, fight, prank, laughter, death, friends, family, smile, bed, hope, grief, family, friends, magic, distrust, secrets, kiss, bed,
  • Remus - curse, werewolf, witch, kiss, bed, love, family, friends, protector, guardian, red, gray, teacher, pain, hope,
  • Sirius - godfather, friends, family, kiss, bed, hope, love, witch, pain, grow up, marauder, Azkaban, break out, freedem, girlfriend,
  • Voldemort - possessed, horcrux, Tom, demon, hate, hope, history, pain, torture, power, revenge,


  • Human Torch/Claire - kiss, family, friends, bed, dance, date, protect, thanks, heal, cake, smile,
  • Human Torch/Niki - bed, dance, black dress, date, protect, strength, cake, smile, family, friends
  • Human Torch/Jessica - strength, date, dance, black dress, protect, kiss, bed,
  • Invisible Woman/Peter - kiss, date, thanks, protect, family, friends, bed, cake, study
  • Mr. Fantastic/Claire - crush, kiss, study, heal, thanks, bed, protect, family, cake,
  • Mr. Fantastic/Niki - strength, kiss, bed, date, protect, family, friends, cake,
  • The Thing/Claire - crush, friends, family, bed, kiss, protect, heal, cake, smile,
  • Elle - touch, pain, sorry, burn down, miserable, fairytale ending, short circuit, forgiveness, red, blood, power, kiss, bed, black out, toy, animal, pet, park,


  • Human Torch/Chloe - interview, cake, thanks, protect, kiss, hot, red dress, touch, love, pillow, bed, family, friends, date, birthday,
  • Mr. Fantastic/Chloe - research, help, thanks, cake, date, interview, kiss, embrace, touch, pillow, bed,
  • The Thing/Chloe - friends, family, protect, thanks, kiss, crush, touch, bed, date, interview, pillow, cake,
  • Invisible Woman/Clark - thanks, protect, family, friends, love, bed, pillow, kiss, date,
  • Lana - vanilla, sweet, frown, let go, childhood, power, darkness, mirror, globe, sound, pink, hate, distrust,

Spider-Man (any!verse):

  • Human Torch/Gwen Stacy -science, intern, kiss, bed, friends, family, hot, bed, hope, trust, love, protect, snark, date, power,
  • Human Torch/Black Cat - luck, kiss, bed, drunk, dance, hot, distrust, protect, friends, enemy, family, secrets, toy, scratch, cats,
  • Human Torch/Firestar - fire, heat, pain, crush, date, friends, hot, hope, crush, family, power, protect, kiss, bed, protect,
  • Invisible Woman/Spider-Man - friends, protect, family, crush, powers, team up, intern, joke, kiss, bed, date, grief, thanks, science,
  • Invisible Woman/Flash Thompson - kiss, protect, thanks, crush, friends,
  • Mr. Fantastic/Gwen Stacy - intern, science, crush, friends, protect,
  • Mary Jane - hate, distrust, love, waiting, smile, kiss, crush, family,
  • Gwen Stacy- science, hope, grief, pain, crush, power, family, friends, secrets, smile, bed, kiss, love,

Thor (any!verse):

  • Human Torch/Darcy - kiss, bed, drunk, date, friends, hot, fever, family, ipod, intern, protect, power, college, pillow, touch, toy, sick, melt,
  • Human Torch/Sif - goddess, fight, protect, hot, friends, family, power, strength, melt, trust, team,
  • Invisible Woman/Thor - team, kiss, god, thunder, power, strength, protect, thanks, friends, family, poptarts,

X-Men (any!verse):

  • Human Torch/Rogue - hot, black dress, touch, love, pillow, bed, family, kiss, cake,
  • Human Torch/Emma Frost - love, bed, family, pillow, thanks, hot, white dress, kiss,
  • Invisible Woman/Cyclops - bed, pillow, cake, grief, love, pillow, family, friends, kiss, date
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