Galore Challenge Prompts

Greek Crossover Prompts

College ('08):

  • Kevin/Casey - kiss, date, photographer, pictures, friends, family, bed, spring break, freshmen, frat parties, rush
  • Cappie - friends, kiss, bed, frat parties, home, family, grief, drunk,

Ghost Whisperer:

  • Melinda/Cappie - family, friends, ghosts, sorry, grief, love, bed, drunk, college,
  • Melinda/Casey - grief, family, friends, ghosts, sorry, college,
  • Rick/Casey - college, family, friends, ghosts, grief, research, love, bed, kiss, date,
  • Melinda - family, kiss, drama, college, love, magic, ghosts, friends, bed,
  • Rick Payne - research, magic, family, love, college,

Harry Potter:

  • Cappie/Hermione - paper, magic, pie, love, family, friends, party, date, thanks, bed, drunk, pumpkin,

Saved by the Bell:

  • Casey/Zack - crush, kiss, date, bed, teacher/student, drunk, summer, college, friends, family, party,
  • Cappie/Jessie - different, study, kiss, date, crush, drunk, college, friends, family, bed, teacher/student,
  • Kelly - jealous, crush, teacher, cheerleader,


  • Cappie/Chloe - date, kiss, help, heal, date, bed, drunk, travel, summer, powers, family, friends, party, pie,
  • Casey/Clark - protect, save me, kiss, date, family, friends, date, party, bed, normal, powers,
  • Casey/Oliver - dinner, cake, kiss, bed, friends, date, protect, family, party, thanks,


  • Cappie/Jo - protect, magic, ghosts, supernatural, demons, kiss, pie, drunk, date, college, party, friends, family,
  • Cappie/Sarah - pie, weird, kiss, drunk, date, college, party, thanks, family, friends,
  • Cappie/Dean - pie, friends, party, drunk,
  • Casey/Sam - supernatural, college, dance, party, kiss, ghosts, magic, protect, bed, date, cake, pie, friends, family,
  • Casey/Dean - pie, kiss, bed, drunk, crush, protect, bed, dance, friends, family
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