Galore Challenge Prompts

House of Wax (2005) Crossover Prompts


  • Nick/Chloe - supernatural, weird, cake, kiss, family, friends, bed, love, comfort, date,
  • Carly/Clark - kiss, bed, date, protect, comfort, family, friends, cake, pie,
  • Carly/Oliver - date, cake, bed, kiss, protect, comfort, family, rescue


  • Wade/Sam - doppelganger, creepy, odd, family, demon, salt,
  • Wade/Dean - abductions, mystery,
  • Wade/John - creepy, odd,
  • Carly/Sam - date, comfort, family, friends, creepy, rescue, protect, bed, kiss, love, distrust
  • Nick/Sam - friends, investigation, rescue, supernatural,
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