Galore Challenge Prompts

The Mummy Crossover Prompts


  • Adam/Evie - age, love, crush, thanks, research, family,
  • Peter/Evie - love, family, crush, thanks, pillow, affair, books,
  • Claire/Rick - thanks, savior, love, family, mummies,
  • Niki/Rick - strength, family, love, crush, thanks, protect,
  • Jessica/Rick - protect, strength, smile, family, distrust,
  • Peter - destiny, mummies, thanks, family, love, crush,
  • Evie - family, love, mummies, books, research,
  • Mohinder - research, books, mummies,
  • Elle - touch, pain, sorry, burn down, miserable, fairytale ending, short circuit, forgiveness, red, blood, power, kiss, bed, black out, toy, animal, pet, park,


  • Rick/Chloe - reporter, love, family, thanks, savior, crush, mummies, immortal, death, protect, kiss, bed,
  • Evie/Clark - grief, kiss, bed, love, family, friends, protect, immortal, death, reporter, strength, powers,
  • Clark - family, strength, mummies, instincts, distrust, love, crush,
  • Rick - instincts, love, family, smile, strength, friends, date, grief, immortal,
  • Evie - family, love, thanks, mummies, smile, immortal, grief,
  • Jonathan - jokes, hate, distrust, love, thanks, tea,
  • Lana - vanilla, sweet, frown, let go, childhood, power, darkness, mirror, globe, sound, pink, hate, distrust,
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