Galore Challenge Prompts

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover Prompts

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

  • Buffy/Mikey - laughter, pizza, jokes, bed, kiss, love, family, friends, protect, nunchaku, orange, happy, home,
  • Buffy/Raphael - grief, anger, red, kiss, family, protect, distrust, normal, different, pizza, smirk, friends, bed, love,
  • Buffy/Don - tech, purple, protect, kiss, friends, family, bo, pacifest, pizza, smile, normal, different,
  • Buffy/Leo - leader, family, friends, ninjaken/katana, honor, normal, different, bed, love, trust, pizza, kiss, blue,
  • Spike/April - blood, damsel, distrust, love, family, friends, kiss, bed, date, hero/villain, vampire, interview,


  • Chloe/Mikey - orange, jokes, bed, kiss, pizza, love, protect, family, friends, smile, laugh, cake, thanks, interview, nunchaku,
  • Chloe/Raphael - anger, bed, love, kiss, different, power, sai, protect, interview, family, friends, smile, smirk, distrust, red,
  • Chloe/Leo - blue, leader, family, friends, kiss, bed, love, protect, different, interview, smile, distrust, pizza, ninjaken/katana, honor,
  • Chloe/Don - purple, brains, research, IT tech, love, kiss, friends, family, bed, protect, pizza, interview, bo, geek, technology, pacifest,
  • Clark/April - hero, interview, kiss, bed, archaelogy, damsel, protect, family, friends, reporter, news, distrust, crush, thanks, cake, pie,
  • Oliver/April - interview, kiss, bed, family, friends, crush, love, distrust, reporter, thanks, archaeology, damsel, protect,
  • Chloe - home, family, friends, smile, bed, love, crush, research, interview, reporter, kiss, cake, thanks, protect, watchtower,
  • Lana - vanilla, sweet, frown, let go, childhood, power, darkness, mirror, globe, sound, pink, hate, distrust,


  • April/Cyclops - damsel, protect, kiss, interview, friends, family, kiss, bed, date, dinner, karate, hope, grief,
  • Mikey/Rogue - different, power, nunchaku, happy, date, normal, karate, kiss, joke, laugh, pizza, smile, bed, family, friends, orange,
  • Raphael/Rogue - anger, grief, dislike, normal, different, power, sai, protect, kiss, smirk, distrust, love, family, friends, red,
  • Rogue - runaway, karate, kiss, bed, love, family, friends, protect, hope, grief, anger, flight, strength,


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