Galore Challenge Prompts

True Blood Crossover Prompts

Legend of the Seeker:

  • Eric/Cara - blood, mord-sith, agiels, family, friends, kiss, bed, pain, grief, hope, distrust, hate, torture, anger,
  • Eric/Kahlan - blood, control, power, torture, bed, love, hate, date, hope, family, friends, grief, pain, kiss, confessor,
  • Sookie/Richard - thoughts, hope, grief, pain, protect, kiss, bed, date, family, friends, travel,
  • Kahlan - confessor, family, friends, kiss, bed, love, pain, grief, anger, hope, fight,
  • Cara - mord-sith, anger, pain, grief, torture, agiels, hope, fight, protect, family, friends,


  • Eric/Morgana - prophecy, blood, vampire, kiss, bed, date, smirk, family, friends, anger, pain, grief, love, hate, fight, protect, dreams, hope,
  • Arthur - prince, kiss, bed, future king, knight, surprise, family, friends, protect, caress, smirk, fight, battle, grief, pain, death, prophecy, truth
  • Merlin - time, magic, love, kiss, bed, friends, family, secrets, hope, grief, pain, truth, laugh, smile, protect, wizard,
  • Morgana - dreams, hope, grief, pain, hate, darkness, wish, magic, love, kiss, bed, friends, family, touch, laugh, smile, prophecy, anger,

Vampire Diaries:

  • Damon/Sookie - thoughts, secrets, dance, bed, love, blood, vampires, sunlight, friends, family, protect, second chance, distrust, hate,
  • Elena/Eric - trust, laugh, smirk, viking, secrets, distrust, vampires, friends, family, sunlight, grief, hope, protect,
  • Jeremy - unbelievable, anger, hate, distrust, vampires, night, friends, family, grief, kiss, love, protect, ring,
  • Elena - doppelganger, vampires, kiss, grief, pain, protect, love, trust, friends, family, bed, date, secrets, hope, magic, witch, secrets,
  • Damon - evil, hate, love, crush, kiss, bed, blood, protect, chance, bite, dance, fun, drink, vampire, night,
  • Caroline - cheerleader, OCD, fun, hope, grief, anger, love, stubborn, kiss, bed, protect, blood, dance, party, vampire,
  • Bonnie - spell, witch, love, hate, distrust, friends, family, kiss, bed, protect,
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